“Mommy, we’re going to sleep here today? Yes, for two weeks.”

Erica, Denver, CO

Colorado lacks rent control, but tenants are organizing to lift a statewide ban on it. “My son, every day, says to me, ‘Mommy, yes, we’re going to sleep here today?’” says Erica, a renter in Denver. She must reply, “‘Yes, son, they lent us this room for two weeks… for a month.’” 

Lack of immigration status prevents Erica’s access to subsidized housing, and compounds access to housing even in the private market: “Even though my son was born here, if I don’t have the immigration status, they can’t rent to me,” she says. “Up to twelve people live in a two-bedroom house… because rent here is very, very expensive.”

She hopes rent control will pass, as well as legislation  that would keep landlords from asking potential tenants’ immigration status.  

Colorado Homes for All (COHFA) is a coalition of individuals and organizations who have come together from across Colorado to build a grassroots housing movement for equity and justice for all people. The coalition is structured to uplift the leadership and voices of those who are directly impacted by the housing crisis. COHFA believes that housing is a human right and not a commodity; that land and housing should be community owned. It aims to build a movement that will put the power back in the hands of renters. It will take action to create more renters protections in the state of Colorado and to enact rent control. This year COHFA is leading three bills at the state legislature: a warranty of habitability bill; a bill that will limit application fees; and a bill that will support the rights of mobile home owners. If you would like to share your housing story, learn more, or join the fight, please visit Colorado Homes for All.