“I’ve moved either every year or every other year.”

Mario Wolthers, Las Vegas, NV

Nevada lacks rent control and just cause eviction protections.  “I’ve moved either every year or every other year,” says Mario Wolthers, a renter in Las Vegas. “If a lease is up, I’ll move. Out here in Las Vegas we’ve all definitely moved more often than we did when we were in Los Angeles” -- which in contrast, has rent stabilization.

He hopes Nevada will adopt rent control. “There needs to be a certain amount of protection for people who don’t have the resources and means.  It’s the humane thing to do,” he explains. “If you have a family, that’s working three jobs already, and it’s like their money’s already stretched, and then all of a sudden [rent] goes up another $100 or $200, what are these people going to do?”

“The balance of power is swayed when you have people who are wealth or rich -- property owners -- and you have the renter who doesn’t have the same means. As Americans we should be responsible for taking care of all of ourselves, immigrant communities. If we don’t start taking care of each other now, the people who have all the power will continue to shift that balance.”

Make the Road Nevada is organizing with allies across the state of Nevada to strengthen and expand tenant protections.  For more information, visit https://maketheroadnv.org/.